About Us
About Ecolive 

We build bespoke, modern modular structures to the highest standards.  Our structures are premium quality that are low maintenance, sustainable and quick to build.   

With years of experience in construction and roofing an opportunity presented itself for Louis to work with another company on a project for pod houses on farm in beautiful mountainous landscape.  In conjunction with the other company, an architect and the owners of the property the concept for these pod homes was born.

Louis applied his skill that he developed with his time in construction and roofing to come up with a perfect design that ensured a beautiful finish and at the same time could withstand the elements.

Louis is a craftsman that takes an enormous amount of pride in his work, doing much of the work himself to ensure that his exacting standards are met.

In 2020 Louis met Annie and they decided to join forces, bringing together their skills to enable them to create masterpieces.  

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What We Do
Meet & Agree

We will sit with you to discuss and agree on design options for your home, office or commercial space.

Project Planning & Design

We plan your project to the finest detail.  Ensuring a bespoke design that suits your needs.

Build & Create

Once all is agreed upon we start building with our master craftsman, Louis at the helm for the construction and Annie taking care of the design and background management of the project.

Hours of experience