We will design and build your home.

We design and build bespoke modular homes, office or commercial spaces of the highest quality.  With superb craftmanship at the highest standard. We will also assist with the overall design of the interior as required to ensure a unique and beautiful home, office or business.

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Welcome to Ecolive Pods

We make use of a modular building design that is sustainable and that blends well into the enviroment. Our inspiring designs are focused on functional living spaces with an emphasis on outdoor living.  Our use of structural steel is based the fact that it allows of more design choices, is Eco friendly, durable and easy to maintain.  Our focus is on premium quality and innovative design.

The Bespoke 

We believe that the interior design of the home or office ties in strongly with the overall identity of the space.  Many of our customers feel they need assistance in the interior design of the space to accomplish their dream space.  Annie assists our customers in designing their spaces ensuring that the space are both functional and beautiful.  With a keen eye and attention to detail we will deliver you a space that is comfortable and luxurious.  We aim to inspire!

About Us

With years of experience in construction and roofing an opportunity presented itself for Louis to work with another company on a project for pod houses on farm in beautiful mountainous landscape.  In conjunction with the other company, an architect and the owners of the property the concept for these pod homes was born.

Louis applied his skill that he developed with his time in construction and roofing to come up with a perfect  structural design that ensured a beautiful finish and at the same time could withstand the elements.

Louis is a craftsman that takes an enormous amount of pride in his work, doing much of the work himself to ensure that his exacting standards are met.

In 2020 Louis met Annie and they decided to join forces, bringing together their skills to enable them to create masterpieces.  

The modular concept using structural steel for our pod design offers versatility for the design, without compromising the integrity of the structure or the safety. 

The structural steel is prefabricated in a factory saving time and ensuring precision.  The steel frame is then erected on site with absolute precision to ensure a high quality structure that is weather proof. 

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Completed Designs
Our Projects
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We design and build modular spaces using structural steel aiming for functional and beautiful buildings built to the highest standard.

Commercial Designs

Structural steel is easily combined with other more traditional building materials making it ideal not only for new builds but also for extensions to existing buildings. The advantage of this building method especially in commercial projects is the quicker build time and lower maintainance costs.

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Residential Designs

Whether you are looking for our more affordable standardised designs or our custom designs we can create the ideal home for you.

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Office Designs

Whether you need a small garden office or you are looking to set up a large office building, structural steel is so versatile and practical it is certainly one of the best options for office spaces.

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